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LocalDipity is one of the finalists for the Nexus by Dia accelerator program. We’re presenting on September 28th on how the geoDiscovery platform can help DIA find better ways to engage with their custoemrs and potential customers. Nexus by DIA is a digital innovation platform to search for talent around the world. 

DIA Group have opened a public competition through the website, so that startup companies who have a project that could add value to the company can participate.

Posted 25 weeks ago

What's the Back Story?

In the initial blog, I mentioned that the seed of LocalDipty was planted as I was driving down I-20 and realized that although everyone around me had a cell phone, I couldn’t talk to any of them. The notion of a CB radio came to mind where people could talk to each other just because they were near each other. There was the notion of anonymity which had some good and bad aspects to it. The idea of joining anonymity and location lead me to develop technology to add intelligent CB-radio functionality to a smart phone. 

I also needed to figure out how to make money and hit upon the idea similar to the sponsorship you hear at NPR. I set up geo-fences along the interstate highways and when someone turned on the app, they would hear a 15 second ad for some local business before they would join the discussion. I developed a prototype of the system but never launched the app. I got sidelined and realized the power of location and anonymity transcended CB radios and could be applied to a number of other uses. 

So that’s the back story to LocalDipity, using location and anonymity to put people in a place to experience more serendipity.

Posted 25 weeks ago

Why LocalDipity?


I guess you could say I am obsessed with serendipity. In a world of sameness, I find it exciting to find new things and meet new people. One day, while driving down I-20, I realized that even though everyone around me had a cell phone, I couldn’t talk to any of them because we weren’t “friends." 

That started me on the journey to mix location and serendipity in the digital, smart-phone age. LocalDipity is the technology platform I created to help people connect to other people. No need to be a friend, you just need to be interested in finding new things in our big, beautiful world.

Let’s go on an adventure


Posted 25 weeks ago