Over the past few years, the geoDiscovery platform has brought geo-fence technology to new markets. RideView has licensed the technology for their ride-share engagement platform. FigWig has launched as a way for ride-share drivers to communicate with nearby drivers.

Now we’ve extended the geoDiscovery platform by adding calendar integrations. What’s so big about that? ThenThoomb service allows us to extend our work in the home service and package delivery markets.

In 2015, over 25 million packages were stolen from people’s porches. Why? No one was home. Why deliver packages to empty home? I guess because it is easy on the delivery companies. Now some of them are waking up to the issues involved. Amazon has introduced three ways to avoid leaving packages outside an empty house. Amazon Key – Amazon gains access to your front door, unlocks it and puts the packages inside, Amazon In-Car – Amazon gains access to your car, unlocks it and puts the packages inside the car and Lockers – At convenience stores and Whole Foods around the country you can have your package delivered to a locker and pick it up.

None of these solutions work for the other deliver companies and it isn’t clear how well they will work for Amazon. For the record, I’ve spoken to many people about the Amazon Key service and not a single one thought it was worth doing.

The Thoomb service puts people in control of their personal information, in this case their location and scheduling info. They choose who they share with and for how long. Delivery companies can now use that information to maximize their delivery schedules. I suspect it will save enough money that the delivery companies will begin to pay users to modify delivery locations.

We’re working with to complete the service and launch it. Stay tuned for more info.